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HerbieG's News

Posted by HerbieG - July 18th, 2019


One note at the very beginning: this took a bit longer than expected.

Obviously the more points you collect the less are still left for you, but the delay came mostly because of some life issues.

But back to the main subject: if 600 000 points was eternity, then reaching 700 000 makes you... legendary? Immortal? Hmm...

Yeah, I used the latter in my previous post, but "legendary" also fits well, because only few people reached this point.

I have to admit that at some stages of this journey I regained something: playing some of the games not for medals, but for fun with medals as a "side effect". But the hunt was still on.


The question returns again...

What now?




With enough persistence 800 000 can be possible.

There is still "some" power in my engines and in my hyperdrive.

And some fuel left...

800 000 score would surely be... godlike...

Very deep space ahead... only some asteroids on the radar.








The exploration continues.

Keep the engines running.

This mission may still not be over yet...



Posted by HerbieG - January 19th, 2018

Today I reached another epic threshold in my medal hunting - 600 000 points. 

Eternity has been achieved.


During last few months I met my last earlier planned 2 goals in medal hunting; one of them was reaching 600K.

What will happen now?

Will everything else be an overachieving?

Will my passion for unlocking medals expire?

But there are still so many games left...


Maybe I could set another target?

If 600K grants eternity, as I stated about a year ago, then 700K should give... immortallity.






Let's do this...

Without further ado...

I hereby declare that I am not yet retiring.

This space journey is not over yet...





Entering hyperspace!


Posted by HerbieG - December 12th, 2017

On July 8th 2015 I made a news post about entering the official medals ranking list.

Two days later @Kugee -  known as CopyWrong back then - added this comment. I promised myself that I will make a post when his prophecy will come true - and yesterday this is what happened:


Hereby I need another prophecy!

Posted by HerbieG - January 26th, 2017

Today I reached half a million medal points... that sounds much more than good.


But 600 K would sound even better. It is a threshold that separates legends from humans. While 400-500 K is epic, then 600 K grants... eternity.





Lift off!

Posted by HerbieG - December 12th, 2016

I recently found those awesome compilations - this one and the next 6 parts (check related videos):

This has a meme-like potential comparable to Chuck Norris, wasssup and Randy Orton's RKOs! :-D

Posted by HerbieG - June 24th, 2016

Today I found a proof that Zangief from Street Fighter really exists!

Ok, maybe not exactly, but just take a look at this guy:


His name is Sajad Gharibi and he's Iranian powerlifter. He weights about 350 - 380 lbs., 155 - 175 kilograms, the stats vary on different websites. According to Street Fighter wikia Zangief's weight is about 400 lbs. so that would fit.

I couldn't find his height, but I assume that could be close as well. Ok, obviously nationality is different ;-) But if anybody would like to make a Street Fighter movie, he would fit perfectly ;-)

Posted by HerbieG - June 11th, 2016

We interrup this programme to announce that HerbieG has reached 400 000 points!


From a live interview:

HerbieG: "400 K... It makes feel elite!"

Posted by HerbieG - May 29th, 2016

To Authors and game Moderators: if you are removing a game that contains medals, please make a news post about it or post an info in one of the medals-related forum threads, for example here (a broken medals thread). It will make the players easier to determine medals from which games they did currently lost.

Posted by HerbieG - March 25th, 2016

There is a phylosophical joke, a question whether the God can create a rock so heavy that he could not lift or create a bigger rock than he can roll (in other version)? It even has its name: the omnipotence paradox.

I say: can a game developer create a game in which he cannot reach the highest medal-awarded level? I'm not saying finish, because even I could not do it ;-)

And here comes the challenge: I made it to level 46 of your Ronnie the Rooster and I challenge you @SMKS to do the same ]:-) I bet you haven't do it before release.

I also say that with the current difficulty it is impossible to get the King of the Roosters and Reach for the Stars medals. I also doubt if it is even possible to collect all corn and bread. The Rooster is moving simply too slow.

I made it to level 47 - yes, the game has more than 46 levels (I wonder how many more?) - and I think I will pass. I played it for last few hours and the fingers of my right hand just hurt too much ;-)

And to @SMKS - have fun ;-)

Posted by HerbieG - February 25th, 2016

Today marks the second year I created my account on Newgrounds and you know what? I definitely don't regret it. I met many interesting people, helped to improve some of the games, finished lots of them, even wrote an intro for one, made some translations and created a mini series of funny game-based screens (hmm, haven't done any new for a while). And the last but not least - I reached place 18 on the Medal Ranking list. Could be more, but I am hoping for even more good and successful years here :-)