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In this short news post I'd like to proudly write that @bioludus team liked my works so much, that they even placed direct links to my posts under their game! Thanks a lot! :-)


Today I proceed with @bioludus 's Crazy Alien Snake, here is something new and something in paralell to last week's screen ;-)

As always - have fun! :-)





Hi Everybody!

Looks like I am a bit late today, so without losing any more time I introduce a new game in my gallery: the Crazy Alien Snake by @bioludus :

Enjoy! :-)



Hi again!

We've got Thursday again and here are some more screens based on @SickMachine 's Roomryder :-)

This time I tried to make a short story composed of three screens. It even has it's title, based on SickMachine's description of the game, so...

"Never ever risk a nuclear disaster!" :-)



Hi again!

It is getting a Thursday tradition :-) This time I made two screens based on @SickMachine 's Roomryder!

If you played this game it probably costed you some nerves, so below is a good way to relax :-)


I hope I didn't violate any copyright by using this photo :-)

Hi again!

Here are two more Ram Time! - based screens from the game created by @Wiesi, hope you'll enjoy them! :-)



Hi Everybody!

Yesterday I played this game, Ram Time!

created by @Wiesi and while playing it I thought about creating a series of funny screenshots with bubbles, Wiesi accepted the idea and here are the first two of them, I hope he will like them as well as other Newgrounders :-)  Later I will upload more screens with ideas related to movies and cartoons. Feel free to leave your comments and enjoy! :-)



Hello Everyone, especially Idle Web Tycoon addicts! ;-) After weeks of playing I finally reached the millions board maximum score and this made me think of an idea of a Hall of Fame of this game, since as you all know it is not easy to achieve higher scores in it (since the One Minds are getting extremely expensive) and it takes a looong time to achieve them. We could even arrange a Fanclub of this game, since it already has over 60 000 views and over 30 pages of reviews and discuss the likes, dislikes and suggestions about the game. I tried and started a thread in the Clubs section, to check if it will gain any attention.

If You have any suggestions, please feel free to spill them here :-)

Respect to martinum4, e21li, Hutchski, lordio, jmartin111, Bill 3000, pie64 and many, many others playing this highly addictive game everyday and especially for HThomson for creating it, I hope that another updates will come soon :-)