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Entering Official Newgrounds' Medal Ranking List

2015-07-08 19:02:27 by HerbieG

Today is a historical day!

I finally entered the Newgrounds' Official Medal Ranking List!

Hail to NG!

Mission Accomplished!

Another reason to be proud to be here! :-)



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2015-07-10 00:40:06

Outstanding! As of July 10, you're up to #49. I see you've been climbing the medal rankings at an alarming rate, passing 359 ranks over the last 365 days. Look out, oh sore loser Dark Dash, HerbieG is the future!!!

HerbieG responds:

Thanks for appreciation and noticing, since I don't think it was frontpaged. Yeah, I looked at my progress and just asked myself - there is also a medal title like this in one of the games - U MAD???

About @DJDarkDash - besides there is still this 200K space - I can officially declare that he is not human. I mean the speed he gets the bragging rights to medals from newly submitted games and being even able to get them or beating some games. I always present Geote as an example, how the hell did he beat it with 100%? That deserves some respect, but anyway, this list is for human beings only, not for - I don't know - androids, unknown species or... pegasi? ;-)


2015-07-16 19:35:06


HerbieG responds:

Thanks! And for you too for returning I presume since as I can see you are here few years longer than me. I also see that you are now going on... medal earning "hyperspeed".