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Being on Newgrounds - 2nd Anniversary

2016-02-25 17:16:23 by HerbieG

Today marks the second year I created my account on Newgrounds and you know what? I definitely don't regret it. I met many interesting people, helped to improve some of the games, finished lots of them, even wrote an intro for one, made some translations and created a mini series of funny game-based screens (hmm, haven't done any new for a while). And the last but not least - I reached place 18 on the Medal Ranking list. Could be more, but I am hoping for even more good and successful years here :-)


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2016-02-25 18:17:11

Wow sounds like you've been quite the contributor! Keep it up - I'm sure you'll be able to have more successful years here!


2016-03-04 07:58:23

That's not a small amount of achievements in just two years. :) Congrats on the anniversary!