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600 000 medal points reached

Posted by HerbieG - January 19th, 2018

Today I reached another epic threshold in my medal hunting - 600 000 points. 

Eternity has been achieved.


During last few months I met my last earlier planned 2 goals in medal hunting; one of them was reaching 600K.

What will happen now?

Will everything else be an overachieving?

Will my passion for unlocking medals expire?

But there are still so many games left...


Maybe I could set another target?

If 600K grants eternity, as I stated about a year ago, then 700K should give... immortallity.






Let's do this...

Without further ado...

I hereby declare that I am not yet retiring.

This space journey is not over yet...





Entering hyperspace!

Comments (13)

Heyy congrats! 600K is such a high number... and yet you talk about reaching 700K, that's what I call passion ;D

Welcome back, I haven't seen you for a while. And thanks! As for the 700K target... I admit that I am starting to feel the distant pressure from NeonSpider, my about 100K advantage won't hold him for long.

@PancakePocket @KieranMaster10 - add your comments again if you wish, for some reason the previous ones did not appear under my post and despite various and multiple tries I cannot do anything to make them appear.

you can aim for a million points

I wonder if there already is a million points on Newgrounds?

Will you try to aim for the 1M mark? O_0 that'd be truly crazyy xxD

I wonder what is the current total amount of medal points? 800K - that's for sure, 900K or million? Maybe we will have to wait for more games to appear ;-)

Well, 100K is pretty much a good advantage, specially at this point where medals start to be harder to get. In fact, if I were you I'd be more worried about that fella pushing hard called Optimos... ;P

Optimos? Optimos... Optimos... never heard of ;-) I know that there was Optimus Prime, the leader of the autobots... ;-)
But when that Optimos will pass NeonSpider for sure he will be the first I should worry about.

no one has those points

I think that it may be some 850K points in all submissions, but there are many games with so ridiculous level of difficulty that only the authors could earn them. A good example is the Pixel Guy from L147r0j41bu54mh4L147r0j41bu54mh4.

Fun fact, I got the name from Optimus Prime, I went with my mom to watch the first film almost a decade ago and I loved that name, so I "spanish'd" it lol
About surpassing NeonSpider, well now I'm taking a break, in addition to him being active these days.
Also I've lost some interest in medal hunting, it might be due to exams and stuff getting me tired. I hope to fully come back soon though.
So about me, you can be calm, for now... ;)

Congrats! :D I thought I'd said this already though, hmm, maybe in another topic, maybe for another user (might ne Njisse in the past)... anyway this is a MASSIVE accomplishment! Awesome work.

You did... 100 000 points ago! ;-)
And yes, Nijsse also has a similar post on his wall, haven't seen him for a long time...

Times flies when you're gaining medals huh. XD Yeah it's been a while since I read a Njisse post now, maybe the throne might be available...

Your inbox is full? XD

I freed some space ;-)

@Shantom @HerbieG Still full.. I can't send you a PM :<

Apparently you want to send me a long PM ;-) Try now :-)


You could aim for a million