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600 000 medal points reached

Posted by HerbieG - January 19th, 2018

Today I reached another epic threshold in my medal hunting - 600 000 points. 

Eternity has been achieved.


During last few months I met my last earlier planned 2 goals in medal hunting; one of them was reaching 600K.

What will happen now?

Will everything else be an overachieving?

Will my passion for unlocking medals expire?

But there are still so many games left...


Maybe I could set another target?

If 600K grants eternity, as I stated about a year ago, then 700K should give... immortallity.






Let's do this...

Without further ado...

I hereby declare that I am not yet retiring.

This space journey is not over yet...





Entering hyperspace!


Comments (21)

Heyy congrats! 600K is such a high number... and yet you talk about reaching 700K, that's what I call passion ;D

Welcome back, I haven't seen you for a while. And thanks! As for the 700K target... I admit that I am starting to feel the distant pressure from NeonSpider, my about 100K advantage won't hold him for long.

@PancakePocket @KieranMaster10 - add your comments again if you wish, for some reason the previous ones did not appear under my post and despite various and multiple tries I cannot do anything to make them appear.

you can aim for a million points

I wonder if there already is a million points on Newgrounds?

Will you try to aim for the 1M mark? O_0 that'd be truly crazyy xxD

I wonder what is the current total amount of medal points? 800K - that's for sure, 900K or million? Maybe we will have to wait for more games to appear ;-)

Well, 100K is pretty much a good advantage, specially at this point where medals start to be harder to get. In fact, if I were you I'd be more worried about that fella pushing hard called Optimos... ;P

Optimos? Optimos... Optimos... never heard of ;-) I know that there was Optimus Prime, the leader of the autobots... ;-)
But when that Optimos will pass NeonSpider for sure he will be the first I should worry about.

no one has those points

I think that it may be some 850K points in all submissions, but there are many games with so ridiculous level of difficulty that only the authors could earn them. A good example is the Pixel Guy from L147r0j41bu54mh4L147r0j41bu54mh4.

Fun fact, I got the name from Optimus Prime, I went with my mom to watch the first film almost a decade ago and I loved that name, so I "spanish'd" it lol
About surpassing NeonSpider, well now I'm taking a break, in addition to him being active these days.
Also I've lost some interest in medal hunting, it might be due to exams and stuff getting me tired. I hope to fully come back soon though.
So about me, you can be calm, for now... ;)

Congrats! :D I thought I'd said this already though, hmm, maybe in another topic, maybe for another user (might ne Njisse in the past)... anyway this is a MASSIVE accomplishment! Awesome work.

You did... 100 000 points ago! ;-)
And yes, Nijsse also has a similar post on his wall, haven't seen him for a long time...

Times flies when you're gaining medals huh. XD Yeah it's been a while since I read a Njisse post now, maybe the throne might be available...


Add one more to the 600k club ;-). I'm flattered by your confidence in my abilities, but I don't think I will pass you anytime soon, if ever, and here's why. As it stands, you are at about a 30k lead. But most of those points and most of the big point games which remain are either tower defense type games, defend the castle type games, or otherwise extremely grindy type games, and I hate those kind of games. I can do them but they're no fun and they just take a lot of time or are just pure spam annoyance. Also aside from that very valid point (which accounts for most of it), there are also games you or others have medals in that I can't play -- games which just don't work in my browsers. That's at least a few thousand points right there unavailable to me. Also there's still the issue of broken medals, either permanently or at least games that have cheated me medals and while some of that gets fixed, not all of it is fixed.

Welcome to the millionaires' club ;-) You could make your own post about it :-) "I don't think I will pass you anytime soon, if ever" - translation: calm down, don't look behind you, there is no danger, don't force yourself to earn too many medals... ;-) The problem is that I may even have totally no-medals-earned weeks because of work, it already happened few times this year. Real life is always catching up with you and make you stop obtaining medals... Nijsse and PhantasyReal are/will be busy because of work, PulseLane only drops in sometimes... but when he dose he does it IS noticeable ;-) It looks like we are the highest ranked almost constantly active medal hunters. Oh, there is also DarkDash, but I am not mentioning him since he is a cheater. As for grindy games: I remember one... it is like kill-a-ridiculous-amount-of-enemies-with-a-barely-efficient-weapon-to-get-a-5-or-10-points-medal-after-few-hours... A total waste of time... There are also some games that simply fail to load/start for me, or I cannot play them for technical reasons, like the Pokemon Adventure we discussed some time ago. And as for broken medals: I am still (3-4 months already?) waiting for Tom to fix the issue that can cause the points from removed medals to still stay in the system and on users' medal walls. It happened already and the most frustrating thing is that I got completely no tools to fix it... I simply got no access to this. I also reported-since I cannot do it myself-several games for a complete removal since they are simply not functional - still nothing happened in this matter.

Hmmm with your earlier drive I thought you'd be heading towards 700k by now. :) How's the grind?

Slower than I would wish ;-) Too much real life issues, too little time for medal hunting ;-)

So even HerbieG has such distractions huh. :) Can relate! Hope you get back to your earlier pace in time though; keep rising! It's been fun to follow.

Yup! I am human too! ;-) I am a bit worried because of the pace of the one that commented below ;-) I also had one thought recently, Nijsse played almost as much games as me, but he has got well over 100K points more... the question is: do I suck in medal hunting? I am now trying to find the answer for this...

Well considering how many are lined up below you I think you're pretty good at what you do! :) Maybe Nijsse is on another level though. Who knows. He's been at the top so long... you wonder how much time he's spent on those games compared to everyone else. If they measured the time taken to attain medals along with the medals we'd know who's really just a genius with games, and who gets where the get through sheer perseverance (which IMO is all the more honorable - I think I fall more into that one category :P).

I am here for 4 years already, so heading towards 640K isn't that bad ;-) But looking at the efficiency of Nijsse, PhantasyReal and especially PulseLane... speaking of PulseLane: 2 months ago I had somewhat of an opportunity of tasting the early rivalry on the list when 1st: PulseLane passed me after getting almost 40K in one week (!) and 2nd: when I returned to medal hunting and was fighting him for 3-4 straight weeks day after day to determine who should stay on the 3rd place ;-) That was something! We were passing each other even 2-3 times a day! But it looks like he went on another hiatus again.
Well, times are changing, you know that PhantasyReal had left, tomorrow's ranking will be posted by a new person. And in relation to all I mentioned above I was thinking about proposing something to the medal hunters' community and Tom Fulp himself, i hope he will like it!

@Cyberdevil i heard njesse is multiple people

Oh? How do you know that? Does anybody have any proof of this? When I was talking to him through PMs I always had a feeling that I am talking to the same person every time ;-)

@Kieran @HerbieG I just heard im not sure if its true

Nijsse has been here for a looong time though. :) Of course medals weren't introduced since around 2008, but that still gives him a pretty big headstart. Not sure about the sign up dates of everyone else there. I'm impressed with all y'all! As for PhantasyReal yeah, I heard, though need to catch up with what's been posted the last month or so; who the new caretaker is... (it isn't you is it?!) Proposal sounds interesting! Looking forward to it. One thing I've had in mind a long time is: rankings that can viewed by other terms than the Total, like this year, this month, this week etc. I think that'd really spur competition; especially for new people, so everyone has a chance right away!

Answering your question: nope ;-) As far as I know to handle the list you need at least some coding skills ;-) But it is already known who will it be: the creator of one tools required to manage the list himself :-) About your suggestion: I've seen something like this on one of the other websites, maybe I could ask Tom about introducing something like this as well?

@Kieran maybe it's just his legendary accomplishments that started such hearsay. ;) I've spoken to him a bit too, and have had the same impression as HerbieG. But who knows, he could have others just gaining medals for him (as could anyone)... the thought has crossed my mind too. :) I mean: for personal gain. Not that I ever would though. Wouldn't be a gain to be proud of.

Ah, Bobogoobo (if I spelled that right)! :D Good to know! Yeah feel free! I think I've mentioned it before too. Would be great if it becomes a real feature.

Yeah, exactly like this! I also got problems with it sometimes: where is "b", where is "g" and how many "o"s ;-)

Haha yeah. XD I think I keep spelling the name wrong since I'm always thinking of the Gobbos from Croc.

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