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500 000 medal points reached

2017-01-26 09:07:20 by HerbieG

Today I reached half a million medal points... that sounds much more than good.


But 600 K would sound even better. It is a threshold that separates legends from humans. While 400-500 K is epic, then 600 K grants... eternity.





Lift off!


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2017-01-26 09:31:56

Congratulstions! How long did it take you?

HerbieG responds:

Thanks! How long? I joined Newgrounds in 2014, but for first few months I wasn't gaining many medals. It changed when one guy asked me if I want to be on the top 200 list (there is a special thread for this) and then I realized where am I in comparison to others... and in a natural way I started a pursuit. So I could say that it took me about 2,5 years.


2017-01-26 14:12:43

Congrats on the 500k achievement. I noticed you just earned that today as well and actually was about to send you a congratulatory PM about it, but I see I don't have to as this newspost more than suffices.

Looks like 500k secures a top-10 spot, for the time being. (Well I mean currently someone can take the #10 spot with only a very high 400k score that isn't quite in the 500k's, but I imagine that won't be possible for long, and you'll then require 500k+ to be in top 10)

Though I notice so much of the total score is selfdefiant's stuff. It's crazy. I wonder what percent of the total medal points possible are made up from just selfdefiant alone? Wouldn't surprise me if it's 25% or higher. (In any case it's way too high). Becomes very unbalanced, especially as you really have to keep on top of that guy's submissions to stay ahead because a lot of the top points essentially become "Have you played selfdefiant's stuff?"

Still not done with all of his games (of course he's a huge moving target), but I do notice whenever I start going through more of his games again my score starts boosting like crazy, unlike anything else.

I mean, why play some really hard game that only has 5 points medals, when you can just play more selfdefiant games and rack up thousands of points extremely fast? And when he releases a ridiculous amount of games all the time anyway, so it's a sure winning strategy.

HerbieG responds:

Thanks for noticing and remembering.

As for the top 10... 500K secures being in top 10... for now. But I don't think that it will last long. There are many "new bloods" among the players who are pushing hard to get higher in the ratings. I mean Fioresa, Optimos... it will take them some time, but they will finally take their solid spot on the top 50 list.

And my prime candidate to be the next one that reaches top 10 is... you. Unless the Linux won't limit your abilities to gain medals in a drastic way. For some time I thought that the next one can be Glamdrung, but his progress is now a bit too slow for this.

About Selfdefiant... did you notice? He is now submitting lots of games without medals.
I also still have some of his medal games left if I would need a boost at some point.
And yeah... the medals on Newgrounds and their points value in lots of cases certainly do not reflect their real difficulty or the effort you have to put in earning them.


2017-01-26 15:01:15

I remember when this was much.

HerbieG responds:

So it isn't anymore?


2017-01-26 17:16:59

I'm surprised Fioresa isn't top 50 yet. As for Optimos, they're already in the top-50.

As for limitations of using Linux to acquire medals, well any Unity games are right-out unless I find some way to emulate that (there is no Linux plugin for Unity). There are a few games which don't work on either Firefox or Chrome and I suspect heavily they require running under Windows and possibly even under Internet Explorer or Edge browsers, so those are also right out (and terrible, terrible game design!)

Other than that, most HTML5 games work, although I've encountered at least one that I couldn't get to work. Obviously if it won't work you can't get the medals from playing it.

And then of course there are the broken medals, some of which Shantom doesn't want to admit are in fact actually broken medals.

Of course there really should be some huge revamps in the medals system. For starters, games should require a resubmit medals functionality. Also it would help if some people learned to code better (then again Newgrounds does let anyone contribute, amateurs or not)

There's a lot of games that don't really check to see if the connection is still good before submitting a medal, and no way to resubmit short of clearing the cache and starting all over, requiring the obvious workaround of saving the game prior to earning medal, refresh browser page, reload game, earn medal, rinse and repeat (which itself is a bit annoying workaround)

And even that workaround isn't going to work on games which require you to do it all in one play or no save functionality. There's a few games I can't get the medals in because of stuff like that.

Then of course random bugged medals, which sometimes there's a way to obtain them, and sometimes there doesn't seem to be.

I think what we need is some quality control up in here. At the very least people need to test their games under Firefox and Chrome, and they need to work correctly in both. Also it would help if people didn't check that tick box saying require the latest whatever if their games don't actually make use of features only available in that version -- good rule of thumb is always compile a few versions behind and/or only compile to the very newest version if you know for fact your game actually does use new functionality only introduced there. No reason people need to make their games require the newest version of Flash all the time, except they're being lazy. And it's completely unacceptable when the game is a very simple game anyway -- like how couldn't you have done that with a previous version? Pretty sure it doesn't use any functionality that didn't exist years and years ago, lol.

Also not to forget all the many many RAM and CPU hog games out there, where people just decide they'll spawn a million things at once or throw up ridiculous amount of processing-intensive special effects and graphical eye candy just because their uber high-powered expensive gaming machine can handle it, lol.

I mean once I got a RAM upgrade, there were many games which were previously not possible for me, which became possible (and which I completed out), and that's just ridiculous too. People being held back not because of skill but because of what computer they have.

And even at that I got 16G of RAM and there's *still* RAM-hog games I can't seem to complete out to this day. That's just insanely terrible game design.

Also there's timing-relative medals which, in some cases I suspect are highly hardware or browser dependent. I know there's some games that are easier on Chrome or easier on Firefox or only playable on one of the two, or some medals only obtainable on one of the two. And it's honestly not that hard for people to just test their games under both browsers and with modest hardware requirements, instead of requiring these super-expensive gaming rigs at times.

And then there's the games requiring hardware accel or requiring a microphone or at least one game I know of requires you to have an XBox 360 controller, which the game tests for and only awards the medal if that's what you're using, lol.


2017-01-27 06:56:58

There was a time when fivehundredthousand points was much. Now it is just a glimpse of the total. I think all medal points available to obtain to this date would add up to roughly onemillion.

Not trying to sound mean. Fivehundredthousand is a desirable amount of points. Just keep in mind that those list toppers only are there because they have choosen to dedicate a considerable proportion of their lives to collect medals on Newgrounds.


2017-05-15 17:44:27

damn 500k? aim for a million if you have the time and patience


2017-08-31 21:05:07

It's impressive how you got all this in few time!I also started collecting medals some time ago,but I don't have much time in hands...

HerbieG responds:

Yeah, for some games you really need "some" time. But there are also some easy, fast medals here that can boost up your medal stats very fast. Just play some older games from selfdefiant, some Munguia's games, some games from gamezhero and you'll get tons of points soon :-) The speed of earning medals also depends on the games you like, prefer, are good at. Even for me there are some that I either just hate or simply suck at them.
Recently I had to slow down a bit for the simple and very well-known reason to you: lack of time ;-)


2017-09-14 05:30:07

Impressive numbers! :) Belated Congrats Much!


2017-10-12 19:02:38

Almost at 600 now, wow.