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Why Kugee is a Prophet

2017-12-12 12:23:16 by HerbieG

On July 8th 2015 I made a news post about entering the official medals ranking list.

Two days later @Kugee -  known as CopyWrong back then - added this comment. I promised myself that I will make a post when his prophecy will come true - and yesterday this is what happened:


Hereby I need another prophecy!


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2017-12-13 12:02:37

Congratulations again! I have to admit my comment was regrettably salty, though. I was aggressively anti-brony for a pretty long time, but thankfully that phase of mine has worn off. I find myself better off using my energy for creative work instead of nitpicking others at convenient opportunities.

Anyway, new prophecy... HerbieG shall rise to the top of the list!

HerbieG responds:

Thanks again!

I admit that I personally completely do not understand that pony-mania, especially when it comes to male representatives of mankind. And I just had to deal with Dark Dash because of him being proven to be a cheater and because of his bad behavior towards other users.

About the new prophecy... that's an expert level! I personally wasn't considering that yet, but... @Nijsse would have to stop earning medals for... let's say... 2-3 years? I mean it's a goddamn over 170 000 points gap!

Or maybe he will say: you shall not pass?


2017-12-13 23:06:39

Oh... a proven cheater? That's funny, because in my run-in with DJDarkDash, we had a fine argument about me cheating in a version of "Hit the Wall" that doesn't exist in the portal anymore. Both of us were very rude to each other, as you might be able to guess.

There's probably at least a handful of games I may have used the infamous right click exploit on, but I've lost track of them as it's been a long time since I last tried earning medals. I found one potentially suspect game and removed a couple of medals from my account just now.