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A Proof that Zangief really lives!

2016-06-24 08:10:33 by HerbieG

Today I found a proof that Zangief from Street Fighter really exists!

Ok, maybe not exactly, but just take a look at this guy:


His name is Sajad Gharibi and he's Iranian powerlifter. He weights about 350 - 380 lbs., 155 - 175 kilograms, the stats vary on different websites. According to Street Fighter wikia Zangief's weight is about 400 lbs. so that would fit.

I couldn't find his height, but I assume that could be close as well. Ok, obviously nationality is different ;-) But if anybody would like to make a Street Fighter movie, he would fit perfectly ;-)


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2016-06-25 21:29:36

holyshit, guy is a fucking giant. his biceps is twice the size of my head.


2016-10-24 09:55:16

I do see the similarities! :D Big question is: can he FIGHT like Zangief? Looks tough.