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A Rooster challenge for SMKS

2016-03-25 22:30:48 by HerbieG

There is a phylosophical joke, a question whether the God can create a rock so heavy that he could not lift or create a bigger rock than he can roll (in other version)? It even has its name: the omnipotence paradox.

I say: can a game developer create a game in which he cannot reach the highest medal-awarded level? I'm not saying finish, because even I could not do it ;-)

And here comes the challenge: I made it to level 46 of your Ronnie the Rooster and I challenge you @SMKS to do the same ]:-) I bet you haven't do it before release.

I also say that with the current difficulty it is impossible to get the King of the Roosters and Reach for the Stars medals. I also doubt if it is even possible to collect all corn and bread. The Rooster is moving simply too slow.

I made it to level 47 - yes, the game has more than 46 levels (I wonder how many more?) - and I think I will pass. I played it for last few hours and the fingers of my right hand just hurt too much ;-)

And to @SMKS - have fun ;-)


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2016-03-26 06:56:20

Hi Herbie. I would just like to say I have worked on this for like 10 months on my own with no assistance. I built and tested each wave and collected all corn tirelessly. I have played it so damn much so that I could ensure it was possible to complete. It is possible! I'm so done with game dev now :)

HerbieG responds:

If you finished it on that harder version - respect! ;-) But maybe it would be good if the game had testers, so they could tell you whether the game is fun/playable or how tough is it? As I can see still nobody except two of us even reached wave 26, so it looks like the game is either brutal for the people or they are rage-quitting it. On the other hand I checked the highscore list and it is still missing some strong names, like for example Nijsse, Syrreal or fuckoffasshole - yes, that's a nickname, I'm not saying that to you ;-), I'm also not sure if Glamdrung already played it. I already mentioned DJDarkDash once, but it looks like he failed. I am thinking also about another player that especially liked impossible challenges - and was mostly successful in beating them, but it looks like he left Newgrounds some time ago.
About collecting all the corn: I would doubt it on some levels. A screenshot would be better, but I'll try to describe it: there is a piece of corn in the middle of the screen, just before the wall of rocks and there is another piece of corn just above this wall. How to collect both of them if there is no corn-collecting pill around?
I hope you will reconsider your statement and think about making more games in the future :-)